Here's some collections of pictures and ramblings about the conventions I've attended. Most recent listed first.

CONvergence 2008

Peasblossom Fairy, Sera Myu Sailor Mercury, and Ri Kohran

Ohayocon 2008
Sailor Autumn with Tower people, original concept sketch style Sailor Mercury, Sera Myu Sailor Mercury with Salad Time Soldiers, and Princess Mercury

Aimarithon 2007
Tsuki Iro no Syndicate with Salad Time Soldiers as Mizuno Ami

Anime Detour 2006
Princess Mercury with a princesses group and Sakura Mankai Aibon

Harucon 2006
Sakura Mankai Aibon

Ohayocon 2006
Sakura Mankai Aibon with some Yo!Pro folks, original Danu outfits with Windy, and Civilian Ami

Anime Detour 2005
Sailor Caloris, Mizuno Ami in a yukata, and stylized Utena

Anime Iowa 2004
Myu Sailor Mercury, Chii, Sailor Kakyuu, and Pink Duelist Utena

Anime Detour 2004
Sailor Autumn, Myu Sailor Mercury, Wakaba, and Pink Utena