Planned and In Progress

I'm constantly discovering new costumes that I'd love to make, faster than I actually manage to sew. This list is more for me than anything, as I like to have all my pictures nicely lined up. If, however, you see anthing on my wishlist that you'd like to do a group involving, let me know and I'd gladly join with you.

In Progress
Q'Anilia from the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic comicsQueen Talia from Knights of the Old Republic II

Wish List
Hurricane Pixie's 'princess' dressSarasa as Tatara from The Legend of BasaraAmi's school uniform from the Myuthe female player character for Pokemon CrystalEirote from Scrapped PrincessSenator Riyo Chuchi of Pantora from the Clone Wars TV showLady Subaru from .hack//SIGNBattle Maiden from Star Wars: The Phantom MenaceChun Hyang with lots of pink and yellowManga Sailor MercuryNomi Sunrider from the Tales of the Jedi comicsGuardian CosmosBelldandy from the cover of the first volumeEien Densetsu Princess KakyuuEternal Sailor MercuryLady Oscar from Rose of VersaillesEmperian Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon Eternal DarknessQueen Amidala's Red Invasion gownNabu from Sailor Moon: Another StoryQueen Apailana from Star Wars Episode IIIa Paladin from MajestySailor Mahou-Henshin from Sailor Moon FanfictionPrincess Leia's classic outfitSakura from Sakura Taisen's Kaijin Besshou MyuSailor Aqua (Cosmic Sailor Mercury) from Sailor Moon NeoFPadme's Senate gown from Episode IApolapol aka Song of AmazonSilver Millenium MercuryAlarielle the Everqueen from Warhammer FantasyManga Super Sailor MercuryPadme's Senate Gown from Epsiode III